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Who Am I?

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Here is a picture of us and our poochers, Shelly (l to r) in the summer of 1983, taken by one of my best friends, Frank Reuss. Frank passed away the evening of May 16, 1995 in his sister's home. Year #2
Here we are celebrating a birthday at the Twist in South Beach. Bobby is a longtime friend of ours and is a bartender in Fort Lauderdale. Birthday in South Beach.
Tony the Tiger didn't want to ruin his "independent cat" image in a family picture, so here he is selecting his own dinner menu for the next week. Tony the Tiger
Staff I can't believe they still fit. Halloween,98
On the train to Reno "oops" I mean Davenport, IA for a riverboat weekend. (You have to be a real movie buff to get this one!) Year #16
Here we are at the 44th Annual Salute Edgewater Fundraiser, "Midnight in the Marine Room" inspired by the lavish affair of a bygone era, held in the Marine Room of the Edgewater Beach Hotel. Midnight in the Marine Room
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