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 To develop and integrate, with my existing experience, new skills in system / application administration, validation and verification of product / system applications relative to the Internet, e-commerce (B-B, B-C and C-B), and the information systems industry.



2/99 - Present   STATE UNIVERSITY
Data Processing Analyst I

 • Provide administrative and technical support to the primary ADP EHRMS / Oracle application system.  Technical administrator for the operating system, application and database for maintenance, upgrades and system integrity.
• Administer the ReportSmith V3.10 application among the user community.  Contributes to the development of queries and reports requested by Human Resources, Payroll and Accounting departments.  Support user problem resolution.
• Assist in the development and execution of robust backup and restoration procedures for the ADP EHRMS / Oracle application.
• Performs installation of banking, EHRMS and reporting software related to the administrative systems on user workstations as needed.
• Administer the PC Focus application among the user community and, develop and distribute procedures for creating queries and reports using this application.  Support user problem resolution.
• Develop and maintain mainframe Focus queries per specifications from the controller’s office to synchronize / maintain the SL and GL ledgers on the Financial Records System (FRS) with applications outside the (FRS) system.
• Provide administrative and technical support for the mainframe Focus user community for the accounting side of administration by generating Focus reports and queries to meet reporting needs.  Also produce reports for the user community such as Accounting, Grants and Public Safety in response to end user problems and requests.
• Apply DB3 and ACCESS report generation routines for pay period reporting to applicable departments and state agencies.
• Provide basic overview training of reporting software and EHRMS application to users and directors.

Quality Assurance Manager
  • Established Quality Assurance and Quality Control Departments within  AccuMed, a start-up medical device developer and manufacturer
• Recruited three additional staff members to support  the Quality and Document Control functions
• Released a corporate approved Quality Manual in October of 1997, with policies and standard operating procedures developed in compliance with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Quality System Regulation (QSR), Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) 21 (1997),  ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 (European Quality Standards for Medical Device Manufacturers)
• Provided on-going development and support for Quality Assurance and Regulatory Affairs activities while overseeing the day-to-day activities of the Quality and Document Control Departments.
• Developed  and  implemented quality control plans for existing and new products (semi-automated pap smear screening systems networked to client data management systems)
• Established and chaired a successful, cross-functional Material Review  Board process  to drive corrective and preventive action and assign final disposition on more than $300,000 worth of  non-conforming material within the first six months
• Elected a member of the Product Development Management Team responsible for developing and implementing a corporate-wide design control process for hardware and software product development.

  2/86 - 7/96     ADVANCE TRANSFORMER COMPANY — Division of Philips Lighting
10/92 - 7/96           Corporate Quality Assurance — Material Compliance Manager
  • Supported the ISO 9002 plant certification and ISO 9001 corporate certification programs
• Developed corporate level policy, procedures and forms for activities requiring standardization between manufacturing plants and corporate to meet ISO requirements
• Planned, assessed, provided justification and implemented roll-out an ISO  9001 compliant decentralized equipment calibration program from corporate to nine plants (three geographical manufacturing plant zones) within four months
• Crafted a successful proposal for $50,000+ appropriation to initiate decentralization of the calibration program
• Launched and chaired a Material Review Board (MRB) process with nine manufacturing plants in U.S. and Mexico
• Lead auditor for the supplier improvement program conducting an average of 30 on-site quality system audits annually and formally reported audit results
• Reviewed results of corrective action investigations and verified elimination of root cause(s)
• Created a global tracking system for all purchased and in-process material non-conformance issues reported
• Participated in the Vendor Evaluation Survey Team to assess potential suppliers.

  2/86 - 10/92           Component Engineer, Group Leader
  • Supervised the functions of one associate and one technical support person.
• Supported Electronic Development Engineering by recommending appropriate component technologies for specific applications
• Qualified components for use in critical applications based on reliability and life expectancy criteria
• Created and executed test procedures, setups and fixtures required for various stress screening, accelerated life and worst case functional tests for components with primary reliability concerns essential to product function
• Supported Purchasing through qualification of new component sources
• Special Assignment to Europe.  Participated in three semiconductor plant tours.  Interviewed  Engineering, Production and Quality Management at each plant and evaluated quality system, material flow, process controls, traceability, testing and failure analysis capabilities

  11/78 - 1/86     BALLY MANUFACTURING — Gaming Division
Senior Project Engineer
 • Supervised and scheduled Test Engineering design projects.
• Designed and constructed test equipment for determining the life expectancy of materials used in production.
• Designed test hardware for the Test and Quality Engineering Department.

Field Service Engineer
 • Operated a factory authorized service branch office serving the upper Midwest sales territories (Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Iowa, Illinois and Indiana - a $2 million + annual sales district) with chargeable and warranty customer support.
• Handled all calibration, repair and modification of all products (strip-chart data recording, data acquisition, transducer and opacity monitoring equipment).


       Bachelor of Science in Electronics Engineering Technology.

 1/91 - 9/98       Additional Training and Skills:
 • Windows 2000/NT server operating systems
• Focus for mainframe application queries
• PC Focus – PC based query and report generation integrates with Mainframe Focus
• ReportSmith V3.10 – database query and reporting utility
• Apache HTTP server V1.3.23
• Perl 5.0 for interactive web-based applications
• Macromedia Dreamweaver MX, Flash MX, Fireworks MX, Freehand MX
• Sorenson Squeeze – web multimedia compression utility
• Oracle 8i database - system administration training
• ADP EHRMS V2 - system user and administrator training
• Creative HTML Design by Lynda Weinman and William Weinman (version 4.0)
• WS_FTP Pro (version 4.5) Utilities for Intranet and Internet Publishing
• Design of Experiments (DOE) Using Taguchi Methods, Instructor - Thomas B. Barker (RIT)
• ISO 9001 Lead Assessor Internal Auditing (Perry Johnson)
• Design for Manufacturability Using 6-Sigma (Motorola)
• Designing with 68005 Microprocessor (Motorola)
• Microsoft Publisher 2000
• Microsoft Office 2000 & XP (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access)
• Corel WordPerfect Suite (WordPerfect, Quattro Pro, Presentations, Paradox)
• Paint Shop Pro, PhotoShop V5,Corel Draw, iPhoto Plus, Twain compliant OCR Utilities


 12/00 – Present   EDGEWATER COMMUNITY COUNCIL, Director to the Board
 • Elected to serve as a Director to the Board of a publicly funded community development organization  involved with committees on housing, education, public safety, care for the needy (Care for Real) and commercial development / zoning.
• Serve as associate chair on the following ad-hoc committees: Technology.
• Also participate in the Membership and Planning and Development committees.
• Developed and maintain the Edgewater Community Council’s website

 1/95 - 12/97       EDGEWATER COMMUNITY COUNCIL, Director to the Board
 • Elected and served as a Director to the Board of a publicly funded community development organization  involved with committees on housing, education, public safety, care for the needy (Care for Real) and commercial development / zoning.
• Served as associate chair to the following as-hoc committees: Sheridan Road Committee, Traffic Study – North Lake Shore Drive Terminus.

 10/95 - 2/98       PUBLIC BREW HOUSE ENTERPRISES, Co-founder
 • A co-founder of an entrepreneurial effort to establish a brew-pub on Chicago’s far north side.
• Developed a marketable business plan used in our negotiations with community, city and state leadership along with potential property owners and commercial developers.
• Initiator and primary spokesman for the venture in discussions / negotiations between city and state leadership, property management, commercial developers and industry leaders.

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